1967-72 Ignition Switches

by Larry Bell

Three different ignition switches were used from 67 to 72. They are pictured above.
The 67 unit was only used on the 'bumpside' style truck for one year. It utilizes a push on connector with a ignition hot stud running through the connector. The 68-70 version used a whole new design in which the plug just pushes on. In mid 1970 Ford switched to a switch that was similar to the 68-70 version but used spades instead of pegs for the connector.
The switches were used on some other models. I've listed the known other applications below but others may exist.

1967 C5AZ-11572-B 67 Mustang, 66-67 Fairlane, 66-67 Falcon, 67 Cougar
1968 D1AZ-11572-C 68-69 Mustang, 68-69 Fairlane, 68-70 Falcon
1970L D0TZ-11572-A None Known